484denthievesJesus' life

2000 years may have passed. However, we know more about Jesus's life than the life of Julius Caesar. No life has impacted the course of human history more than Jesus. So what was his life all about?

The bare facts of Jesus' life are quite easy to lay out. He was most likely born in what we now call 4BC. He grew up in Galilee, in the town of Nazareth, close to the major city of Sepphoris. He spoke Aramaic, some Hebrew, and probably at least some Greek. He emerged as a public figure in around AD28. He summoned people to repent, and announced the kingdom, or reign, of Israel's god, using parables in particular to do so. He journeyed around the villages of Galilee, announcing his message and enacting it by effecting remarkable cures, and by sharing meals with socially diverse groups of people. He gathered around him a group of followers, and challenged ruling authorities. In so doing, he incurred the wrath of some elements in Judaism. Partly as a result of this, he was handed over to the Romans and executed in the manner regularly used for insurrectionists and rebels. His followers claimed, soon afterwards, that he had been raised from the dead, and they carried on spreading his message to both Jews and pagans, despite severe persecution.

Many perceive Jesus as a good and gentle teacher that encouraged people to be kind to one another. If this was all Jesus was, how did he manage to upset and offend so many people, while finding such devotion from others? Jesus' words and actions challenged how we, as human beings, relate and behave towards each other and towards God himself. Many of his actions brought liberation to people oppressed through either circumstance or choice. He announced that God was restoring the broken relationship humanity has with him, and he would do this through his son, Jesus himself. Far from being meek and mild, Jesus stood against the culture of his day and declared a new way of living - living by faith (living in a true and reconciled relationship with God). In so doing, through his own choice, Jesus suffered and died so that the consequences of humanity's rebellion against God was dealt with.
All he asked of people, were that they choose to follow him. It is that same appeal that he makes to each one of us today. To find out more about Jesus' death please click here.

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