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COVID-19 : Our response  

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned all our worlds upside-down, and the things we considered normal are no longer available to us. Sadly, much of traditional church life has been affected and we can no longer meet in large fellowships for services and corporate worship. Instead, we have moved our services onto an online format (click here to watch). We are having to find ways of adapting to government legislation and guidelines. And while this can often be a frustrating process we recognise the necessity of these restrictions and are committed to playing our part in looking after and caring for the community we live in.

Please note: Under the current regulations we are unable to use the church building for groups, activities and services. (Updated 5/11/2020)

However, we have been getting the building ready so that once restrictions are lifted we will be able to re-introduce meetings and events. When this does happen it will be an evolving process as we adapt and modify our procedures to meet the practical needs of each group that meets. There are some basic over-arching principles and procedures that we need everyone to follow and you can find out what these are in a number of ways: by watching the following video,  reading the article below or by reading the posters as you enter the church building.

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Church Building Protocols

The health and safety of attendees, volunteers, and staff is a key priority of Addlestone Baptist ChurchOur current protocols for Safe Meetings & Events are outlined below. We will continue to build on these plans as new information becomes available. 
For all groups and activities:

We are currently limiting the number of people on the ABC premises to 15. While certain areas of the church could accommodate more, we are limiting our on-site capacity in order to limit risk and maintain high standards of cleanliness in the venue.
Please be aware that certain areas of the church building are now off-limits and a one-way system is now in place. Groups should keep to the main sanctuary, main hall, side corridor and toilets:

COVID Floor plan


Event attendees: 


  1. Please do not enter the building if you are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms.
  2. Please observe latest government social distancing guidelines. 
  3. Please wear appropriate face coverings at all times.
  4. Please sanitize your hands upon entry of the building.
  5. Please observe the one-way system where applicable.
  6. Please avoid social contact outside of your household bubble.
  7. Please avoid any unnecessary touching of surfaces.
  8. Please try to avoid using the toilets if possible. If you do use them, please wipe down any touched surfaces with the cleaning materials supplied.
  9. After your event please leave promptly while maintaining social distancing.
  10. Where possible, please take your rubbish home with you.
  11. If you feel, or have felt unwell, during your event please notify your event organiser.  


Group Leaders:


Before any event takes place, group leaders should receive appropriate instruction in the protocols specific to the church building from one of the church trustees (Minister or Deacons).


  1. Please give adequate building protocol instruction to all staff/volunteers/stewards assisting with the event.
  2. Please follow and complete the Pre and Post Event paperwork, and where applicable the Track and Trace Register, available at the entrance door. Please note: external hire groups are responsible for their own Track and Trace recording.
  3. Please supply your own writing implements and group resources etc. and take them with you at the end of your event.
  4. Please ensure good ventilation by keeping doors and windows open where safe and possible to do so.
  5. Please clean high traffic surfaces before, during (where appropriate) and after your event, using the available cleaning products.
  6. Please notify the church trustees if a suspected case of COVID-19 has occurred.
  7. Please deposit completed paperwork in the designated post box on exiting the building. 


Church Trustees:


The Church Trustees will provide adequate training and communication of protocols to all group leaders meeting at the church.
In the event of a suspected COVID-19 case: 

  1. The Church Trustees will ensure appropriate cleaning is carried out in line with BUGB Guidelines: Coronavirus: Guidance on re-opening Baptist church buildings: Appendix 3: Cleaning checklist for suspected Coronavirus contamination.

The Church Trustees will ensure that regular cleaning of the premises, including anti-viral fogging when appropriate, is carried out and recorded.


You can view our COVID-19 Privacy Statement by clicking here.