What we Believe

We believe in living out our Christian faith as effectively as possible, making an impact with those who do not know the great news about Jesus Christ.

We believe we should share that good news of Jesus, equip people in their faith journey and see them live their faith out, in the world.

We believe:

  • God is three Persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who are all equally God.
  • God the Father is the source of all power and authority. He made all things that have been made and guides the course of events according to His justice, mercy and love.
  • The Son, Jesus Christ, is the perfect revelation of the Father. He is fully God and fully man, being born of the Virgin Mary. He was put to death under Pontius Pilate but rose again on the third day. By His death and resurrection, He has defeated the power of sin and death. He ascended into heaven and now sits at the Father's right hand. Jesus Christ will return to earth one day as Judge.
  • The function of the third Person, the Holy Spirit, is to glorify Jesus Christ. He brings new life to man by showing him his sinfulness and revealing Jesus our Saviour. He gives power to become more like Christ in daily life.
  • God the Holy Spirit inspired the original writers of the Bible, which reveals His will and anything contrary to the Bible is not God's will.
  • God is perfect and holy, and made man in order to have fellowship with Him. Man was therefore created perfect, but then rebelled against God's will, so breaking off his relationship with his Holy creator. Man alone can do nothing to mend this situation, and so is condemned to be an enemy of God forever. This separation from God is eternal death. However, God the Father sent Jesus the Son to die, so that those who believe in Jesus are again made holy, and once again share in God's eternal life.
  • The Church is the body of Christ on earth and consists of all true believers. It meets as local gatherings under the direction of the Holy Spirit.


Expression of Identity

As ABC we commit to being a truly worshipping community.

We seek to follow Jesus
  (through prayer, the study of the Bible, discipleship and action)
We seek to live in fellowship
  (showing grace to one another through encouragement, service, acceptance and forgiveness)

We seek to love fully
  (offering love selflessly, sacrificially, faithfully, unconditionally, and with perseverance)

We seek to participate in God's activity on earth
  (through outreach, compassion and concern for others, and through the building up of the Christian community)