Get Involved!

Get involved

There are many areas that we would love you to get involved in, within the life of the church.

The overriding principle behind our  Sunday Breakfast Church Service is that we're being family together - Jesus' family. And just as family members all pitch in when they get together for a meal, so we want to encourage everyone to get involved with the set-up and clear-up of our Sunday gatherings. Our breakfast service officially starts at 9:00am, however a whole group of people arrive from 8:15am to lay the tables and prepare the food. Why not join us if you're able. There's a great sense of friendship and being part of the team by doing this, and there's plenty of people to show you what needs doing. And at the end of the service there's all the clearing up to be done, so why not get involved in the kitchen and lend a hand. The more involved you become the greater the sense of belonging. And any help is gratefully received.

There are of course other areas and opportunities to serve. Do you play an instrument and want to be involved in the worship band? Are you skilled in DIY and want to lend a hand with the various building maintenance jobs that need doing? Are you a good cook and want to help with the catering on our next Alpha course? Or do you have a passion and gifting for a particular ministry, be it prayer, evangelism, preaching and teaching, or something else. If so, speak to one of the leadership team about how you can serve within this amazing Christian family.

If you would like to get involved in any of these areas or have another question about getting more involved in the life of the church, please contact the church office.