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Please find below an introduction to our leadership team.
Ben Portrait   Brian

Ben Fortescue



Brian Channell


Ben and his wife, Katrina, joined Addlestone Baptist Church in February 2010, having both completed theology degrees at the London School of Theology. They have two sons (Findlay and Harvey). Ben's passion for the church is to see it grow in maturity by enabling people to discover and utilise their unique giftings in the service of Christ. Coming from a graphic design background, Ben is also keen to see the full scope of creativity used by the church in its worship of Christ and service to the local community. Having completed a Masters degree in Biblical Interpretation Ben also has a passion to see Scripture being fully integrated into everyday life, believing that Scripture truly is the Word of God and ultimately life-giving.   Ever since Brian became a Christian he had a strong desire to serve God in some way and when asked to stand as a Deacon many years ago it very much fitted in with what he believe to be a calling from God, a desire that not only drives hime to be obedient in serving our Lord, but to be of service to all at ABC, whether that be in practical or spiritual matters. Through God's grace, Brian is equipped with gifts of leadership, service and administration which God has used for the building up of the fellowship and glorifying of His name. God is continuing, via the working of His Holy Spirit, to develop these and other gifts in Brian, not for Brian's self gratification but that glory and praise might be given to Him.
Sarah   Jacquie

Sarah White



Jacquie Channell

Pastoral Care Co-ordinator

Since being at ABC Sarah has enjoyed serving in a number of ways. She was a Sunday School teacher, helped run holiday clubs, Saturday morning clubs and was part of the leadership team that launched the Little Oaks Parent and Toddler group. She now serves as our church treasurer. "It has been a real privilege to see some of the young people continue in their faith having left Sunday School and I look forward to seeing more do likewise in the future," Sarah comments. "Addlestone has been our home for the past three decades and I have grown to love the town. There is a real sense of community, particularly within our immediate neighbourhood. I have developed good relationships with many of my neighbours, and these relationships have shown there is a great opportunity to make a difference by making Christ known through the local church. I hope that we can continue to serve this community in ways that make Christ's gospel message known."   Jacquie's heart is to see ABC being a praying and listening church, and she is keen to help develop the prayer life of the church. Having completed a Pastoral Assistant course through the Diocese of Guildford, Jacquie also heads up the Pastoral Care within ABC, supported by Ben and the rest of the team. Jacquie comments, "There's a saying, 'If you want to walk on water you have to get out of the boat' and that was exactly my experience - I got out of my comfortable boat and put my foot on the water and found that Father God equipped and enabled me to do the role He'd called me to  - and it's been exciting!"

Jacquie is also developing her calling to teaching and preaching, and regularly participates in our Sunday services.
Katrina   JRC crop

Katrina Fortescue

Admin Support


Jonathan Church


Katrina would say that God has shaped her enormously over the last decade, and her faith has been stretched and grown through the various challenges of church and family life. It is through these experiences that she has known the love and consistency of God in a much deeper way, and of how He is not content to let us stay the same. We believe God has called her to the leadership of Addlestone Baptist Church and this has been another step of faith for her, but she has found that when God calls, he always equips! She has a passion for music and worship, and for pastoral ministry. She believes wholeheartedly that our God is the god of transformation!    Jon is our most recently appointed deacon, having joined the diaconate in March. He shares a passion to see ABC continue to grow and flourish, and is excited about the way the church is moving forward with innovative ideas and different ways of being church. Jon has many practical skills which he’s looking to use in keeping the buildings in good order, but also brings with him a reflective heart and strong passion for Jesus.

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